Register for the May 17 Primary Election

Register for the May 17 Primary Election

Early In-Person Voting- any registered voter may cast their ballot during early in-person voting. To make sure that you are registered at your current address, visit 

Early in-person voting will be conducted on May 12, 13, &14 at the following locations:

    • Kentucky Center for African American Heritage, 1701 Muhammad Ali Blvd.
    • The Jeffersonian, 10617 Taylorsville Road
    • Broadbent Arena at Fairgrounds, 937 Phillips Lane
    • Sun Valley Community Center, 6505 Bethany Lane
    • Triple Crown Pavilion, 1780 Plantside Drive
    • Mary Queen of Peace, 4017 Dixie Highway
Black History Makers of Today

Black History Makers of Today

We are pleased to partner with McDonald’s in Greater Louisville and Southern Indiana to honor Black high school seniors who uplift their peers or community through positive behavior or change. These Black History Makers of Today will receive a $1,000 scholarship to help further their education. Thank you, local McDonald’s restaurant owner/operators for supporting this Black History Month program and for your $500 donation to the Louisville Branch of the NAACP.

Gov. Beshear stresses importance of vaccine accessibility during Louisville NAACP event

Out of all Kentuckians who have received the COVID-19 vaccine, less than 5% are Black.

As health care organizations in the Louisville Metro area work to lower the gap, Gov. Andy Beshear said he also will be doing anything he can to address the inequality.

On Friday, Beshear met with leaders of the Louisville NAACP at their headquarters to speak about the importance of urging people to take the vaccine. He said while it’s an important message coming from him, he has found out, people in minority communities would like to hear that message from people in their own communities.

“People want to see, and hear, from people trusted and respected in their own communities,” Beshear said. “They want to hear those voices saying that this is a safe vaccine. They want to see those leaders, people they already put their trust in and have fought beside, to take this vaccine in a real show.”

Beshear said there are two main factors standing in the way of minorities receiving the vaccine at the expected rate, accessibility and skepticism. He believes the skepticism can be tackled by continuing to work with Norton Healthcare, a local health group that has started an initiative to place pop-up vaccination sites in churches and facilities inside the hardest-hit communities. Beshear believes they are helping people feel comfortable because they are getting vaccinated in places they feel most safe, by people they trust the most.

“It’s always good to see somebody like you take the vaccine or do something,” Kevin James said. “You see somebody like you do it, you feel more susceptible to do it.”

Accessibility can be tackled by making the sites easier to reach through transportation.

“Yesterday we announced public transit agencies across the commonwealth are offering free or reduced-cost transportation to and from vaccine locations,” Beshear said.

Those services are now operating in 100 counties, covering 75% of all counties across the state. In addition to the now 410 vaccination sites in the state, Norton Healthcare has opened pop-up sites at the YMCA on West Broadway, St. Stephen Baptist Church, Bates Memorial Baptist Church, Quinn Chapel AME Church and New Covenant Baptist Church.

If you would like to receive a vaccine but need help with transportation visit this website, or call 855-598-2246.

Beshear joins Louisville NAACP leaders to raise COVID-19 vaccine awareness

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Friday, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear joined Louisville NAACP leaders to address vaccine hesitancy among Black Kentuckians. 


“After meeting and listening to community leaders, we have learned that Kentuckians want to see and hear from people trusted in their respective communities about why it’s important to take the COVID vaccine,” the governor said. “Today, we thank the NAACP for hosting this event that encourages Black Kentuckians to roll up their sleeves to take their shot of hope.”


Raoul Cunningham, president of the NAACP Louisville chapter, said he welcomed the opportunity to host the event with the Governor.


“African-Americans are infected with COVID-19 at nearly three times the rate of white Americans and are twice as likely to die from the virus,” Cunningham said. “The Louisville Branch NAACP encourages the entire community, especially our constituents, to get the vaccine. We are appreciative to the Governor for coming to our community to emphasize the importance of getting the vaccine, and we look forward to continuing to work with him to rid our community, city, state and nation of this god-awful virus.”


Early in the pandemic, Black and African-American Kentuckians were dying of COVID at twice the rate that they make up of the population.


However, Black Kentuckians only account for 4.6% of those vaccinated so far. The Governor is committed to addressing this inequity.


The event took place at the NAACP chapter’s West Louisville office and several people received vaccines from Norton Healthcare.


In addition to the now 410 vaccination locations across the commonwealth, the state has been working with provider partners like the Norton Healthcare to ensure location is not a barrier for those who want the vaccine.

Norton Healthcare has hosted several pop-up vaccination sites in local churches.


“These vaccines are safe. They are effective. They are saving lives. Please continue to do everything in your power to help us spread that message, so everyone can be protected,” Beshear said.

2020 Louisville Branch Freedom Fund

2020 Louisville Branch Freedom Fund

On November 1, the Louisville Branch NAACP hosted our annual Freedom Fund. Thank you to everyone who was able to join us tonight for the Annual Freedom Fund Banquet.

A special thank you to our Mistress of Ceremonies, Dawne Gee, special guests; Congressman John Yarmuth (KY-3), Rev. Dr. Corrie Shull of Burnett Avenue Baptist Church, Rev. Robert Drake of New Covenant Baptist Church, and our keynote, Congressman James E. Clyburn (SC)!

Please few the complete program below. #NAACP